Friday, 26 April 2019

New training building!

Hello managers,

for the purpose of providing even better training for all players in goalunited Legends, the stadium complex will soon receive a brand new addition to the set of training buildings.

The Sports Performance Center (Level 6)

This level 6 training building will provide even better training conditions for your players. Together with level 5 training building (Elite training center), a new Sports performance center will provide 6% better effect from the training for your players.

This means that effect from the Level 5 training building will be preserved and on top of that, you will get a 6% better effect if you have Level 6 training building.

Level 6 (The sports performance center) is still work in progress and we are planning to have it finished and ready for the public sometime in early May.

Will you get this training building constructed? Do you like the design?

Your goalunited team