Friday, 4 October 2013

goalunited 2014 Update

After several months of intense work on goalunited next we can tell you that we are making good progress. The new design and all of the new features are taking shape. But there is still a lot to do and a big part of the work is still ahead of us.

But this does not mean that nothing will happen in goalunited 2013 and we are happy that we can announce the yearly update to goalunited 2014.

40 new Achievements

New Achievements are waiting for you. Some of them will be relatively easy to achieve while others will take patience and good management skills. We will also add counters to old and new achievements in which a certain amount of “something” has to be collected. With this you will better be able to monitor your progress.

New goal wall variation

With the update we will add different new goal walls with more attractive prizes. Main prizes will include talent packs, ultra-rare youth scout cards and much more. All in all a goal wall shot will always be worth it.
We will also give you free goal wall shots. You can then all try your luck and win attractive prizes.

Extensive blog entry about changes in goalunited next

Just in time for the goalunited 2014 update we want to present you something like a temporary changelog for goalunited next. As far as it will be possible at that time we will list expected changes and new features. This should be a very interesting entry in our dev blog for all managers.

And a small surprise

We also have a small surprise for you.  Just a little hint: It will be an item.

The update is planned for some time in November. We will announce the exact date beforehand.

Best regards,

Robert (Product manager)