Friday, 10 May 2013

goalunited goes green!

Green is a colour you see a lot when playing or watching football, or playing a football manager game. But it is of course not only the colour of the field – it is the colour of a healthy planet, and the colour of  a healthy environment. So, goalunited does not only have a green design, it is now getting even greener. And this is how:

When you think about your computer at home or at work, these days you usually think about a machine that has between two and four cores, around four gigabyte of RAM, and one hard drive or a modern SSD. When it is a notebook or a modern desktop computer, it is already pretty small, and the power consumption of a modern computer has gotten lower and lower over the last few years. But when you try to imagine our servers for goalunited, imagine a stack of computers, from the floor to the ceiling. It takes two of these stacks to compute and store  everything for goalunited – the club information, matches, all of the players, achievements, and of course, the results. Two stacks, running on a total of 272 powerful cores and 2.4 terabyte of RAM. On the back of these two stacks you find a whole lot of cables, for the network – and electricity. Of course the power consumption of our servers is very high, even much higher than a stack of computers you use at home or at work would be. Plus, our servers run 24/7, 365 days a year, and they just about always have something to do. Idle time is very low. It is easy to see why they need a lot of electrical power.

And this is why we are happy (and a bit proud) to announce something new: Since May 1st we run on green power! Our computer centre has switched to 100% certified renewable electrical power that is considered fully “climate neutral”! We are excited to do our part to keep the environment healthy and green, today with goalunited 2013 and in the future with goalunited next.

Best Regards, 
Stefan (System Administrator)