Thursday, 11 April 2019

Handicap refactoring (work in progress)

Hello managers,

for quite some time now we are working on improving the handicap filter for United type of matches in goalunited Legends, your feedback regarding this topic was always very helpful to us and it helped us decide on the best steps that we need to take in order to improve handicap filter.

We all very well understand the flaws and negative sides that current handicap has, therefore in order to furthermore improve and adjust handicap filter so that it provides much better fairness between teams, we've been working on the following changes for this:

Handicap - Player values

Handicap will create identical values for both teams which means that all values will be set to the maximum values except talent which will have special behavior.
This means that all player values (XP, All skills, Energy, Endurance, Form) will be set to 100 for both teams in a match where handicap filter is active.

The talent of the players will have special behavior and won't be maxed out for both teams, this means that if a player has at least 1 talent slot fully trained then the level of the talent will be 1.

Bonus and penalties from player personalities will be set to 0 which means that there won't be any negative or positive effect from the player personalities in a match.

As usual, the already injured player won't be able to play in the United matches while a bruised player can play but with the usual disadvantage.

Handicap - Team values

For team values, the Team spirit will regardless of the real value always be set to 100 for both teams in United type of matches where Handicap filter is active.
The same rule is going to be applied on Staff, where the Coach and Goalkeeping coach will have all values set to 100 (XP, Skill, Motivation)

From other values which are important for the match engine, "Home advantage" will be set to 0.

Please bear in mind that these adjustments are still work in progress and the first beta test version is planned sometime in May.
We would also like to hear what you have to say about planned changes? Do you like new adjustments for the handicap?

If you have any suggestions feel free to leave your opinion at our community forum here.

Your goalunited team