Friday, 26 April 2013

goalunited next - a first glimpse!

Hello everyone!

What an exciting moment this is! Because today we want to share a first glimpse of goalunited „next“.  We are aware, that for some of you it may come as a bit of a shock. So much has changed in regards to the look and feel of the game, but in the end we believe that we have found a great mixture of modern look, intuitive user interface and practical arrangement of the features.
goalunited has grown so much featurewise over the last years. This makes it into an immense challenge to rearrange all of its features and possibilities into compact and intuitive screens. The screens we are showing you today are of course still a work in progress, and many assets like buttons and icons are still placeholders. While we keep you updated in this blog we will keep working on further improving the layouts.

The Home and Profile Screen

The home and profile screen (Work in progress) serves as home screen for your own club and at the same time as profile screen for other clubs. It combines elements of the current overview screens with almost all aspects of the actual contact page. This screen is meant to both present and inform.

The Player Screen

The player screen (work in progress) shows the changes to the general look and feel pretty clearly. In the player list on the left side you get the overview of your complete squad. The bright part of the list is vertically scrollable (swipeable on a touchscreen) to navigate through all players. The dark part lets you scroll horizontally through skills and other information. This lets you target all relevant information individually. The player screen allows it to focus more on each individual player and “play them” more actively. (We will introduce the complete player screen at a later time) 

We know that the new layout might take a little getting used to for many of you. Just let the screens sink in a bit, maybe revisit them over the next days, and simply get a bit of a feel for the new layout.

We hope that you like what we are working on and that we will be able to show you all the advantages the refactoring of goalunited will bring. Originally we also wanted to give you more information about the timeline and team structure in this post. But we believe that the screens are too interesting to share the spotlight. So we have decided to make this the topic for one of our next posts.

Best Regards,
Jules (Game Director)

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