Thursday, 10 March 2016

New Saison, new features and a huge raffle!

Hey Managers!

The weather still refuses to ring in the spring and to make the football fields welcoming to play on. But that’s not a big deal, because as you know you can always play in goalunited. 

And to sweeten that up even more, we have a lot of news to share:
On March 18th 2016 we start into the fourth season in goalunited PRO and in the meantime many technical advancements have come up.

Shortly after the last blog post we have implemented the “1 on 1”-feature that has quickly become a fan favourite. Btw. this function is now also available to you from our companion app goalunited LIVE. We have also added the bank feature. 

With great effort we are working on the completion of the tablet version (iOS and Android) of goalunited PRO, and we are also developing the merchandising system which is completely redone technically. We know what you can’t wait for it to get implemented, but please understand that we cannot guarantee a date. Our goal however is still April. 

A completely new feature will be added soon: The training report. Here you can view the training results of the previous day and receive a much better overview of the effectiveness of your training and of the individual development of your players.

We are also planning an upgrade to the Premium Account: All premium account holders receive an additional training effect boost. This counts for all training programs other than talent training and is of course in addition to other upgrades. All managers without premium account can also boost their trainings by watching a short video in the training section for each boost. 

Just before that, the biggest raffle in the history of goalunited PRO will take place! For the start we will inform you directly in the game. In “Every friend counts” an incredible 2048 prizes are waiting for potential winners. The mechanic is simple: Once you invite a friend to goalunited PRO and that friend reaches level 10, you are automatically entered into the drawing. You can of course also invite more than one friend, and increase your chance to win. Participation is possible until April 10th (Unfortunately Italian managers are not able to participate due to legal reasons).

And this is how it works: Click on “Contact” in the main menu and then on “Tell-a-Friend”. Now you have two options: You can either invite your friend by E-Mail, or you can send him your personal web link. In either case it is important that your friend either uses the button in the E-Mail or your web link for the registration. If he registers directly from the website, you will not be entered into the Mega-Drawing. As soon as your friend has accepted your invitation and creates an account you will find him in your buddy list. This way you can easily watch his progress and if needed give him a poke to get him up to level 10 quickly and yourself into the drawing.

The following prizes are up for grabs (Illustrations may vary):

1. Prize
Pro Football table 

The „Deluxe-Kicker“ has 16 mm strong chrome-plated metal rods, that are installed in high quality ball bearings for minimal wear. The extra large, 12.5 x 12.5 cm wooden feet with additional chrome rod guarantee especially good stability. 

2.      2. Prize
LED-TV (50 Inch)

3.       Prize
iPad Mini with exclusive „goalunited“ engraving

As well as a “goalunited” sports watch, „goalunited“-USB Stick and a fitting T-Shirt

4.       – 10. Prize
Exclusive “goalunited PRO”-sports watch

11. – 19. Prize
               GU PRO STARS Flat: 12x 10.000 STARS
             10.000 STARS per month for one year!

20. – 99. Prize
               30.000 STARS
            STARS, STARS and more STARS!

100. – 499. Prize
               15.000 STARS
               So many STARS!

500. – 999. Prize
               6 Months Premium
               A half year worth of advantages!

1000. – 2048. Prize
            1.000 STARS

We wish you a lot of luck!

Your goalunited-Team