Thursday, 5 June 2014

goalunited next - UI/UX View


Today, we want to introduce the User Interface and Experience department to you. As the name implies, we face all challenges that include the interaction of players with the game, the look of the interface and the experience whilst playing goalunited.

What is the soul of GU?

“Which game features are our players most passionate about and how will they be           
  even more fun in future?”
“How can we improve the management aspect and still ensure a swift and                       sandbox-like access, especially for new users?”
“How does the player interact best on both platforms with the same interface?”

These questions and many more were coped with and turned into design solutions. The iterative processes of finding the right one led us to a more structured and clear interface. The overall experience got enhanced as well and is more precise now, concerning the role of the player within the game.

Experience first – register later.

Players will be able to explore GU from the beginning on, without real limits or a restrictive tutorial. This allows everyone to get a good look at the game and over time, register in themed steps. By creating more transparency, many features became self-explaining and fun to use.
This is just a tiny wrap-up from our work in the UI/UX department. Learn more about us and our work on goalunited in the upcoming clip!

Have fun,

Eva (UX Designer)