Monday, 19 May 2014

goalunited next - Product View

Hi everyone!

During the last weeks we have made great progress in the development of GU next. It’s all starting to look more complete now. But who exactly are “we”? Who are the people at northworks that develop and run goalunited?

In the next weeks we will show you our perspective when it comes to the challenges with GU next. For this we have produced a few video clips that show the perspective from the different departments. What are the specific challenges, what problems arise and how do we resolve them.

Today we start with the product department. This position is a bit more general, with the product department being the customer and product owner. 
Here of course comes the first question, what makes a game a product, and why is it worth to keep a product running for many years? Of course it should not surprise that economic reasons are a part of it. But it is easy to see that goalunited is much more than just a product, it’s a passion for all of us.

We have produced the clips in English to give most of our managers a chance to understand the context. We have also added English subtitles, as we are not native speakers, and it is always possible that the pronunciation is not quite right.

We hope you understand that we could not translate the clips into every language and that you enjoy this and the future clips!

Kind regards,
Jules (Game Director)