Monday, 24 August 2015

News overload

Welcome managers!

A lot of stuff to tell this time from a busy development team at northworks.

First of all: goalunited LIVE will see the light of day very soon on your smartphone for both iOS and Android devices. The companion app is actually ramping up for the app stores and is available shortly or is already there. Check it out!

On the other hand, there are no news to report on the fully playable tablet version. We will inform you as soon as we can determine a release date for you.

In the meantime we can tell you what comes next in goalunited PRO. With the release of goalunited LIVE we bring you the following changes:

  • Different stadium background with some additions
  • Friendly matches – all clubs who no longer participate in the national cup will get friendly matches scheduled for the following Monday. There your players can gain experience, you can test setups and you have some income through the stadium.
  • Benfica Eagles Academy – After you build the first youth structure you can upgrade to the Benfica Eagles Academy. This upgrade uncovers the talent of any observed youth player on his first match day. Also: the slot is already fully trained!
  • Several quest optimizations including a new Welcome-Message, a much earlier starting first test-match and a smoother handling of the quest system.

Benfica Eagles Academy 

Some bug fixes are included in this updates as well:

  • Career-button removed from events until feature is implemented
  • Sponsor payment displaying and paying out correctly now
  • Fixed bug that occurred sometimes when leaving financial view
  • Rotating wheel at the application documents in personal view corrected
  • Reward payout fixed when skipping several career levels
  • Revenue from matches are now entered in cashbook correctly
  • Filter from transfer won´t get lost any longer when switching expanded view
  • Action cards can now be removed from the game (60 minutes prior to kick-off)
  • Several language mistakes fixed in the Arabic version
  • Lots of fixes in the background-systems for better server performance

While you enjoy the latest improvements, the Development-Team is already working on the next things in the world of goalunited PRO:

  • Social Connect with challenges, buddy requests and overview/management of your friends
  • Tell a friend function where you can recruit friends with an instant 1on1 match and special incentives for you for getting new opponents into the game
  • 1on1 Ad-hoc matches against friends or random opponents, a faster live ticker and rewards for winning a match
  • 1on1 Ladder with a user ranking for all 1on1 matches

Stay tuned. There is much more to come! We cannot wait to share these game details in the next blog update with you. See you there!

Play goalunited PRO here:

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