Tuesday, 9 August 2016

New features for GU LEGENDS and PRO

Hello managers!

It is time for an outlook at what you can expect in the next months. We have planned a few nice changes for goalunited LEGENDS as well as goalunited PRO.

United Special Events (LEGENDS)

The United system will be expanded. In the future you will not only have the leagues, tournaments and cups available, but also periodically starting United Special Events. For the participation in these new events you can not only earn the desirable trophies, the winners also receive great STARS rewards.

We want to make sure that there is always a cup with 8-16 participants, a 6-team league and a tournament with 24-32 participants open. Once an event fills up, a new one will be created. The matches begin quickly, but there will be enough time to set the formations. You can also select if you want to play one match per day, or play in quick mode with 6 matches per day. With another update the winners of each United event will receive rewards ranging from small to large.  

New home screen

United Lounge

Action cards! (LEGENDS & PRO)

There will be a few changes to the cards. The highly popular card “Take it slow” will not reduce the effort anymore, but will still reduce the energy consumption and injury risk and with that becomes highly useful. We will also add a new special card. With this it will be possible to change the footing of a player to play equally way with either foot. This card will be limited per season like the instant heal card.

Loan players (LEGENDS & PRO)

Loan players are especially strong players that only stay in your club for a limited time. If you have a loan player coupon, you can redeem it and receive a player for your squad for the duration of one season. That player is at least as strong as your top three players.
Loan player coupons cannot simply be purchased. Per day every manager gets a free raffle ticket and can win those coupons, as well as other prizes.

Sound FX (PRO)

Especially when playing on the tablet subtle sound effects as feedback for clicks are quite useful. Therefore we will add sound effects for goalunited PRO.

(Game Director)

We cannot give you a definite timeframe yet as to when exactly each feature will be added. Also, the features we introduced here have not been fully developed yet and might still change slightly. If everything goes according to plan, the first part of the United Special Events will be added in September.