Monday, 27 July 2015

Feature update July and outlook

Welcome managers!

As promised, we will update this development blog more often since the release of goalunited PRO. As more and more features updates are coming along, we want to give you more insights from the team.

Coming up next is the finance update that we mentioned in an earlier blog entry. On the 28th of July the feature will be released and give you more overview about your incomes and expenditures. You will find this feature in the „Finance“ section behind „Club“.

Special diagrams will give you a daily, weekly or saisonwise overview.

The „cashbook“ shows a tabular-chronological list of all account transactions. In addition, you can set the ticket prices for all types of players, and you look at the last revenue even more games away under "prices".

After this update we are working on a social connect feature including friends list. Here are some screenshots that will give you a short preview of what is coming up.

With some buddies in your friendlist you can enable challenges, request new buddies and get even an overview of all your friends.

Social view: contact and challenge

Social view: friends list

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