Monday, 30 March 2015

Open beta coming soon

Hey Managers – we are back again!

By writing these lines the first quarter of 2015 is almost over and you absolutely deserve an update on what is going on with goalunited. Originally we aimed around this date to release the open beta to the public. The bad news: We still need a few weeks. The mobile client is a special challenge, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. It is looking good for beginning of may, but as always: please be careful with development dates. Especially from goalunited – a game that is particularly complex and extensive.

For those of you who are in our closed beta program: You may ask yourself why you can’t see any progress since the last months? This is mainly because most of the development is happing deep inside the engine, the so called heart of the game. But this is something we pointed out some blog posts before: We will start with a rudimentary version and add features in cycles. So expect something new when we open the beta for everyone - shortly.

To keep you better in the loop we decided to bring you one of our employees on a monthly basis via YouTube videos and show you some new stuff. Let me introduce Juan, one of our QA Managers. He is mainly taking care of all bugs that you hopefully never will see by playing goalunited. Juan will also take some of your topics in the forum and try to answer them directly by going through northworks and asking the relevant people. Please don’t expect all questions to be answered. Hi main goal ist always to keep our games clean and stable. 

                                                        goalunited insider - part I

But back to goalunited: We thank you all for participating the closed beta. We earned so much important information out of that and already included some learnings. All this will make goalunited even better – it only is hard to show it to you.

By the way: our racing manager UnitedGP that is going to be released as a browser version very shortly. Just to let you know :)