Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Development Update

Dear Managers! 

Welcome to the latest developer blog entry of goalunited. Time is running so fast and we are approaching Christmas already. A very busy time is behind us, with development and plannings for the next year. Not only for goalunited, but a big part of it with a lot of news and surprises. Some of these are being shared with you now! 

Again, we thank you for your continuous support and trust in us. By beginning of November, we started the closed beta of GU next as promised. Nearly 30.000 managers have already played the game in its rudimentary form and gave us a lot of feedback that is very much appreciated and very valuable for us.

For example, many attentive players weren’t happy with the actual squad-view in the game. This is something that came to our attention as well and we are already working on very practicable solutions. Here is a sneak peak of what you can expect shortly: most columns are significantly narrower and in this expanded view the whole screen shows player-data.

By selecting a player the detailed infos of the player appear: 

You will be able to reduce the information to see even more:

To get rid of the horizontally scrolling completely, you can configure what columns are shown:  

As you can see, progress in ongoing. It is still a lot of development before the game will see the light of day. More and more features will be put into the closed beta. When most of these are in, we will switch to open beta, where everyone can start playing. There is no release date yet, but we are aiming for Q1 2015. And please be aware of the word „Beta“. It is still an unfinished game and changes are done permanentely.

Some of you are complaining about the screen size – this has to do with the simultaneous development of the mobile versions – something that you can discover at a later date.

For all closed beta players we have created a forum inside the regular gu forum for you to provide feedback, ask questions and of course receive updates about changes.

Best regards,

Jules (Game Director)