Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Merchandising, tablet and more

Hello Managers,

today I want to give you some insights into the current developments of goalunited PRO and LEGENDS.

Our main focus is currently on the GU PRO tablet versions for iOS and Android. Apple has very complicated approval processes which we are currently going though. We hope that we will be able to offer the App to be downloaded in the App store very soon.
The Android App is a special challenge. We are here mostly dealing with the big number of very different devices. On the other hand the approval process is much faster for Android. If all goes to plan we will be able offer the Android version at the same time or shortly after the iOS version in the Google Play Store.

Simultaneously to the tablet versions we are developing the long awaited merchandising for GU PRO. We know that many of you are growing impatient, sadly it will take just a little bit longer until it is completely developed and tested.
If you know the merchandising from GU LEGENDS, then you know the usability is very simple. You can purchase memorabilia and sell them to your fans. So it might look like we could just copy the code from GU LEGENDS and use it for GU PRO. Sadly it isn’t that easy… GU PRO and GU LEGENDS are structurally very different by now, which means it is easier and faster to newly develop a feature. We also wanted to add a few improvements. So in short: The merchandising is about 70% done!

Besides those large topics we are also working on several balancing topics, for example for the mental form value. The behavior of the mental value (in LEGENDS called form) in some situations was not appropriate. The training without Mental Coach is too weak and the tendency changes are too infrequent. Therefore we have taken a very close look at the complete system to make it more fair for everyone. The following changes are added for GU PRO and LEGENDS:

Mental tendency
The mental tendency of a player can now change daily (previously weekly or less). This means a negative tendency can now turn into a positive one the very next day – and vice versa. The skill of the Mental Coach decides in which range the mental values stay on average (no change).

Mental training
The Mental training now has a slightly positive effect on the mental tendency of your players (Until now the tendency stayed the same, only the mental value was changed). This can lead to a change in the tendency; but it can also happen that a training unit is only enough to change a very negative tendency to a slightly less negative one. It can also improve an already positive tendency even further.

Player card “Mental”
With a “Mental card” the mental value of a player is raised and the tendency improved by one step (from negative to neutral or from neutral to positive) (no change to now). New here: After playing a Mental card, the tendency will not turn more negative for at least a week.

Summary Mental value:
-          More tendency movement
-          Mental training now also affects tendency
-          Card “Improve Mental” now blocks mental decreases for a least 1 week

The bazaar for GU PRO is also still being requested often. We can only repeat ourselves: The feature will not be added like this. We have however thought about other attractive options that allow you to “exchange” cards you don’t need for other cards.

New icon
We will also replace the icon for the goalkeeping skill soon, as it was easy to confuse with the scoring skill icon.



Playing style

Many of you have probably already seen the playing style value in the match report in GU PRO. It shows how offensive or defensive your line-up was. “Shield” 30 is the most defensive, “Sword” 30 the most offensive line-up you can put on the field. Values around 0 mean a balanced line-up.
In the line-up area you will soon see beforehand how the value is made up. Each formation and tactic has its own playing style value. For your line-up those two values are added (“Shield” values equal negative values). For example, if your formation has an offensive value of 20, and your tactic a defensive value of 5, the resulting playing style value will be 15. The values are shown on the tactic and formation elements and the overall value is shown below the field.

Here you can see two screenshots from the actual tablet-beta:

Best regards (from the team too!)

Robert (Product Manager)