Monday, 20 July 2015

Community questions

Hello managers!

As you already know the two goalunited titles – LEGENDS and PRO – are independent games. This decision has prompted a few questions from you that we would like to address.

First up: In the forum the topic of discontinuing goalunited LEGENDS comes up frequently. About this we can say that we are not wasting any thoughts on that. It is a full-value game with one of the best communities imaginable.

If I delete my goalunited LEGENDS (previously goalunited 2015) account and start over in goalunited PRO (previously goalunited NEXT), do I receive a compensation for the invested STARS? After all, over a long period of time a true update was announced!

We are currently analyzing if it is possible to transfer STARS and premium days (without deletion of the goalunited LEGENDS account). Compensation above that sadly cannot be given.

Will there be new features or improvements for goalunited LEGENDS (previously goalunited 2015)? Is it planned to add current features from goalunited PRO (previously goalunited NEXT) also for goalunited LEGENDS?

goalunited LEGENDS runs as independent game and will not be replaced by goalunited PRO. Improvements and bug fixes are of course a part or running a game. goalunited LEGENDS makes no exception here.

In goalunited PRO practice and friendly matches are planned to be individually set. Can something like that also be implemented for goalunited LEGENDS (previously goalunited 2015)? (For example by 1on1)

No, for technical reasons this is not possible.

Will there be changes to the personalities? Many have planned with flexible players which are now almost worthless in goalunited LEGENDS (previously goalunited 2015).

We are thinking about balancing adjustments, big changes to the personality system are not planned though at the moment. With a balanced squad you are always taking the right direction.

Will a personality limit be added or new cards and tactics?

We cannot definitely say no to that, especially as changes to the balancing can affect the requested topics as well.

Will the fixed formations from goalunited PRO also come for goalunited LEGENDS?

No. This feature will only be used in goalunited PRO.

Play goalunited PRO here:

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