Thursday, 21 May 2015

goalunited next open beta

Hi managers!

Tons of fresh news from our goalunited football universe: The Open Beta of goalunited next is starting right now! Beside this big news we have a lot of additional information for you that we want to present here.

First up:
goalunited 2015 will be kept as we love it and will not be updated to the new version.

goalunited next will come as new and separate game. This means, in summer you will start with completely new accounts and you can be there from the Start.

For a while now GU next has been running as a Closed Beta. This means that until now only select GU 2015 players could test it. This changes with the switch to the Open Beta. All players are invited and can register from tomorrow on inside goalunited 2015 or visit our Facebook-Page for further options ( The managers that have already been playing on the closed beta can simply keep playing – your clubs will stay as they are. For those of you that would like to start with a new club and have reached level 30, you can create a new club with the Top Manager.

Important: Even in the Open Beta not all features are available, we will regularly add additional features. New for example is the quest system. At first it will primarily guide new managers through the start phase (ideal test case by creating a new club with the Top Manager feature) – For the future new quests with rewards are planned. There will also be a few new leagues, the new staff and the shop. We have also resolved many bugs and stability issues.

Almost throughout the complete Open Beta phase we will run a STAR rebate with a special highlight: You receive 20% more STARS free. For this pay attention to the highlighted packages XS-XXL. At the end of the Open Beta you will receive a voucher over the amount of purchased STARS. This means you get to use all purchased STARS in the Summer, even those that you have used on the Open Beta.  This means you get the STARS twice, and that for a reduced price.

At the same time the tablet version can be tested, but not by all players. For this users will be able to apply in the forum and we will invite 1000 randomly chosen users. For the first test an iPad2 (or better) is needed.

And that is not all:
For some weeks after the start of goalunited next in the summer we are also planning a free companion App for your smart phone (for iOS, a little later also for Android). GU LIVE allows you to check the most important infos on the go and with that to never lose touch. At first the app will include the live ticker, league overview, as well as the player list and manager search. Features under development for the future are formation, playing cards in the live ticker and training. And more features are planned for GU LIVE.

We hope you are looking forward to the Open Beta as much as we are! Your feedback is appreciated and therefore a GU next Open Beta forum will be offered.

Your goalunited team