Tuesday, 19 November 2013

goalunited next changelog

Hello managers,

The annual update for goalunited 2014 is online. We hope you like it!

As announced, we want to introduce a few changes for goalunited next in this Dev Blog post. This is not a final list, but a list of the changes that we believe we will be able to implement with the start of goalunited next.
There will be many changes that increase the fun and comfort both for free users and for premium users. Here is an overview of the changes:

General changes

·         The balance contains a cash book (Similar to merchandising)
·         The balance will be restructured and much more convenient
·         The balance is available per day, week and month
Event system
·         Centralized information system that keeps the managers up-to-date on club-relevant events
·         Replaces the club news, tips, hints and many system messages
·         Some events and achievements can be shared via facebook
Fan list
·         The fan list will be removed
·         Players can be trained for specific staff roles at age 30 (Staff: a feature evolution)
·         Staff members have a set contract duration after which they leave the club
·         The “experience” value for staff will be removed
Quest System
·         Contains tasks and goals for managers
·         Takes over the functions of the tutorial for new managers
Sand box
·         New managers begin in a sand box, which means that they don’t fully register right away, but they get to „test out“ the game first
·         The league assignment happens with the full registration. This will reduce the inactive accounts within the leagues
·         There will be only one shared shop for STARS, upgrades and premium accounts
·         At many places changes are saved automatically
·         The formation makes an exception (example)
Match report
·         The newspaper is removed as menu point
·         The information will stay available under “my matches”
Game header
·         The „next match“ display on the top can be zapped through to past and future matches
·         Live ticker is reachable from the header
Nick names
·         Nick name cards can be used on all players, not only on youth players anymore
·         Sponsor negotiations will be redone
·         The sponsor offers are not anymore only based on the league level, but also on the career level
Topmanager (slightly later)
·         Manage multiple clubs from one account
Transfer market
·         The search on the transfer market will be improved
·         The search will be fully available to free account users as well
·         The „observe“ function is not part of the premium account anymore and available to all managers
·         Colour and design selection for all managers, not only premium users anymore
·         8 new designs can be unlocked through achievements
Value „Form“
·         The value „Form“ will be renamed to „Mental“
Value „Frische“
·        The value „Frische“ will be renamed to „Energie“ (Renaming of a German term)
Club colours and Logos
·         Depending on the career level different logo shapes can be selected
·         All managers can select 2 club colours (previously a premium feature)

Formation/ Match

·         6 Presets can be saved
·         One each for friendly, league, masters and cup matches, + two free presets
·         There are more than 20 different formations available
Friendly matches
·         There will only be friendly matches, no practice matches anymore
·         Friendly matches can be scheduled as desired as long as no other match is played on that day
·         In special situations up to three friendly matches are possible per week
·         The first friendly match per week is always free
·         The second match costs STARS (as previously the practice matches)
·         The third match can only be played with a coupon
·         The automatic friendly match finder will be fully refactored and with that be much more interesting
·         The challenge system will be fully refactored, manually challenging other teams will not be needed anymore (but still possible)
Live ticker
·         New live ticker texts
·         The live ticker will be reworked


Youth scouting

·         There is no dismissal list for premium managers anymore and no performance rating
·         Premium account users receive an extra observation slot
·         All players will be scouted with open average strength
·         Each manager can scout one player per day and replace him with another youth player
·         Additional players can be scouted with cards, but it will not be possible to replace more than one player per day
·         Scouted players do not have to be used right away, the manager has up to 14 days to decide
Youth observation
·         The observation time is reduced by one match day (because strength does not have to be observed anymore)

Player & Squad

·         Personality „flexible“: Players play on specific „Split“-positions with a bonus
·         Personality “inflexible”: Player receives bonus on the “ideal positions” and a penalty on “not-optimal” positions
·         Repositioning will now be „Change training emphasis“
·         Penalty on bad positions is removed, the players always play with their actual skills for the position they play on


Construction list
·         Construction time „halfing“ can be used for all jobs without resorting them
·         Double building and repairing speed for premium accounts is removed
·         Premium users get a second construction slot and can work on two projects at the same time
Luxury switch
·         Standard buildings can be switched for the luxury building at any time for the STAR price. The ingame money difference is credited to the account.
·         The stadium capacity depends on the condition of the stadium
·         Until now the visitor numbers were dependent on the condition


Training units
·         Main and subslots can now be set freely. There will be no fixed combinations anymore
Training progress
·         The training progress is clearly visible for each player and also how much more training is needed to receive the next skill point
Training facilities
·         Without training building only the training slots at 10am and 8pm are available
·         Training building level 1 opens the tactics slot and the assistant coach
·         Training buildings level 2-4 open one training slot each
Training programs
·         It is possible to train a specific training as often per day as desired (for example 4x Scoring; Lower training efficiency possible)
·         New program: Youth technical training – Offers a technical training unit for the youth team (available starting at level 4)
·         The training unit “talent training” has double the effect with training building level 5 (2 talent points)
Training cards
·         Per day one tactic card and one value card (Mental, Energy, Endurance) can be played
·         Improve talent will now be a player card and can be used directly on a player
·         The team spirit card can be used directly in the squad and not in the training calendar anymore
Training calendar
·         Training efficiency: Doing the same training multiple times during a day reduces the efficiency
·         Premium users can save up to four training presets
·         Free users can plan up to two days into the future (currently one day)

Progress on the development is still coming along well and we are keeping up with the schedule. But you will still have to wait a little while. We hope you enjoy the new achievements in the meantime.

We’ll see you all in the next blog post,

Robert (Product manager)