Monday, 5 December 2016

More actions in the GU LEGENDS live ticker

A little while ago we asked you, what you would like to see in the winter update part 2. We want to show you what we envision.
But watch out: It could become a spring update too J

We often hear, that managers want to have more ways to influence the matches in goalunited. Until now, a running match can only be influenced by playing an action card during half time.

Most often managers ask to substitute players during matches – an obvious request. When looking into this more deeply, it quickly stands out that, with a substitution, the formation also would need to be adjusted. And this can throw off the tactic as well…

So, to properly implement substitutions, we need the option to change basically the complete line-up at specific points in time, and to give new directions.

This leads to two main problems:
  • The option to intervene during a match has to be implemented intuitively and simple into the live ticker, so that veterans and new managers can use the new, powerful options without frustration. It also has to be easily comprehensible from the match report, what exactly was done at what time. Only this gives the managers the option to analyze their actions and adjust them, if needed, for the upcoming matches.
  • Our rather complex match engine has to be adjusted, with reasonable effort, to be able to handle changed formations and tactics.

The following has emerged as realistic option:
  • It should be possible to plan changes every 15 minutes (at minutes 15, 30, 45, …)
  • Several different things can be done:
    • Change formation of field players
    • Up to 3 substitutions
    • Change tactics
    • Play action card
  • Before the match begins, an action card can be saved into the line-up. The card takes effect from minute 1 of the match though, and not at half time as it is now.
  • Up to three cards can be played at each 15-minute mark. Some cards are mutually exclusive, so not all combinations are possible. There are also restrictions on how often some cards can be played.
  • Two more players are added to the substitute’s bench. The players on the two new slots are not substituted automatically.

Little red Indicators in the ticker progress element show possible points to log in actions.

In this match command tab you can set up substitutions and change the formation. Tactics and effort can be changed through cards

Substitutions can be done up to three times per match. If a player is injured, he is still substituted automatically. Of course, if the managers has already done all three substitutions, no new player can be substituted for the injured player. The second and third substitution has to be activated with a new “Substitution-card” (common). 

Tactics can be changed by playing a tactics card. For this, the existing tactic training cards are turned into hybrid cards, that can be played in the live ticker as well.

With Action Cards you can adjust the effort up or down, as well as trigger the known special actions. Only one special action card (Free Kicks, Attack, …) can be played per match. As now, it takes effect for the subsequent 45 minutes. Effort changing cards (for example “Encourage”) however can be played multiple times. 

Extended game report shows you the effect of every action you took.

This is our current plan, but it is YOUR game, so we are of course very interested in your opinion about these quite substantial changes. Especially one aspect should be considered: The diverse options to react and intervene give managers that actively follow the live ticker a much bigger advantage over less active players than in the current system.

It is still undecided for which match types we will add those changes (at first), or if should be possible for managers to deactivate substitutions for individual matches.

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