Tuesday, 15 December 2015

What will come in 2015 – and what won’t?

Hello managers!

The last blog post of this year is long overdue!

We are very close to the so far biggest update in the history of goalunited PRO: Planned are the upgrade of the live ticker, the 1 on 1 feature, the 1on1 Cup and a big improvement for GU LIVE, the companion app for GU PRO for your smartphone.

Let’s begin with the live ticker: It has been fully reworked. This does not affect the design so much, but rather the connection of the data. For you this means that many errors that have bothered you and us over the last weeks won’t happen anymore. The connection of the full live ticker and the mini ticker (on the top right in the scree) for example is now synchronous. The live ticker now runs a lot better than before, but is still not perfect. We will keep working on it, but that will still take some time. Thank you for your understanding.

A completely new feature is the great 1on1 feature. In this play mode you can play a match against a friend or other opponents at any time. And this is how it works: After an accepted challenge both sides have 5 minutes time to set their line-up. After that the match begins right away. You can watch it as usual in the live ticker, but the match plays in 6-times the regular speed. Like this a game runs only 15 minutes; or 20-25 after overtime and penalty kicks.

Every day that you log in you receive one 1on1 ticket to play a match. You can collect those tickets if you don’t want to play right away. You can have up to 7 tickets at a time. 1on1 matches have no direct influence on your team and don’t generate income. Players don’t use energy, don’t earn experience and don’t sustain lasting injuries. Yellow and red cards received also don’t carry over. The best about this feature: You can receive great rewards! Some prizes influence your team: They can improve experience or talent. You can also get STARS, premium days or ingame money!

We will also add the 1on1 Cup. In this event the goal is to beat all your opponents to advance through the rounds and win the prestigious trophy. You decide if the cup should have 3, 6, 9 or 12 rounds. Of course you will earn 1on1 rewards for each match you win on your way to the title.

We are currently working on the 1on1 Ladder that unfortunately won’t be completed this year. In each 1 on 1 match you earn points that push you ahead in the 1 on 1 ranking. Like this it easy to compare yourself to other managers.
Important: You start collecting points right away! None of the points will be lost. As soon as the ranking is added to the game you can see your points.

But that still is not everything: An important upgrade for GU LIVE is also waiting!
Following situation: You are on the go and have forgotten to set the line-up for your top match. After this update it is finally possible to set your line-up from your GU LIVE app! The following features are also added in the update:

  •          The remaining player cards can be played
  •          Contract extensions
  •          Change training focus
  •          Change shirt number
  •          Set nick name for players

We hope that you will like all those changes!

At this point we also want to answer a few questions that have been asked regularly in the forum.

When will the cup overview be added in goalunited PRO?
We had originally planned this update for the beginning of January, but we have a small technical issue. We can only start the cup overview with a fully new cup. As you know, the new season begins at the end of December and with that also the cup.
Therefore we will probably only be able to add the cup overview at the beginning of the following season. At the moment we are evaluating if there are other options to add the feature as originally planned.

Will there be an overview of the achievements in goalunited PRO?
Absolutely! Currently it is not easy to keep track of the achievements. Which have already been triggered, which are close to be completed? An overview will unfortunately not be added before the end of the second quarter of 2016. For the moment the overview in the forum might help you.

Will the bazaar from gu LEGENDS come to PRO?
No. This feature will not be added for PRO. We are working on a different feature that will allow you to exchange cards. I cannot go into more detail at the moment though. As soon as we have more information, we will let you know.

When will the merchandising feature finally be added to PRO?
This feature is planned for the end of the first quarter of 2016, probably in March. No later than April.

What is going on with the tablet version of goalunited PRO?
We have made great progress! iOS and Android version are developed at the same time. We hope to be able to publish both during the first quarter of 2016. Then it will finally be possible to play the full game on a mobile platform.

This is everything we have for you at this moment. A small pro hint from me at this point: It could be worth checking into the game often in the second half of December :)

I wish you lots of fun with the upcoming update, as well as a great Christmas and a good start into the New Year!

(Product Manager)

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