Thursday, 24 September 2015

Coming up next

Dear managers!

Today’s article circles around some insights concerning the near future of goalunited PRO, as wished by many of you.

Some words ahead regarding announcements: For us it is always kind of difficult to announce new features too early, because often it happens, that we are forced to change details or the date could not be kept. This leads to frustration on all sides. So, don´t take long term announcements concerning software as granted ;-)

We are planning new features in a rough schedule about one year in advance, and we have a more detailed plan for six months. The exact release dates are scheduled at some point while production, when we are sure that we can actually do it in time. Software development is highly complex and often hard to predict, especially because we want to react on current developments, feedback, and bugs.

But what is coming up within the next months:
We are currently working on the 1 on 1 Feature. This is based on the United 1 on 1 system known from goalunited LEGENDS but it will be changed in some points and is planned to have a higher focus in PRO. You can always start a 1 on 1 match by challenging another manager or by automatic opponent search.  The 1 on 1 matches will take place in the live-ticker with 6x-speed. For each win you will get ladder points, by which you can compare and compete in a ranking. Additionally you get a random reward for each win, for instance a card, some STARS, money or a little bonus for a player. Also there will be a 1 on 1 cup with new trophies, which will differ totally from the LEGENDS cup-system.

Also new: 1 on 1 tickets. You will get them on a daily basis and you can use them as an alternative to STARS to initiate a 1 on 1.
We won´t launch the 1 on 1 system containing all features from the start, but it will be completed step by step. The reason is, that we want to share new playable features as soon as possible with you.

Simultaneously we are working on the International Masters Screen, so the first Masters can start in the 2nd season as scheduled. This screen will look and feel almost the same like in LEGENDS. The National Cup Screen, who is very similar, will follow a bit later.

The goalwall from LEGENDS will not appear in PRO in that way. But we are preparing something new: a Fortune Booth with great new winning opportunities.

Other features like Merchandising and Achievements are not forgotten, they will be done later, which also goes for Career, Mail, Statistics, and Rankings.

In the next article we will tell you more about the upcoming 1 on 1 system.

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