Friday, 5 September 2014

gu next Closed BETA starts in November

Hello Managers!

It’s been a long time without an update on the development of goalunited next (working title) – our apologies for that. We are highly concentrated on the development and will keep doing so. First of all, we like to thank you for your patience and the continuing support by playing goalunited 2014 (and 2015 very soon).

You all know about the size and complexity of our beloved game. With gu next (working title) we will go even further and include more wonderful improvements plus the app for tablet devices. Both things are mainly the reason why the title is still in development and it must feel to you like it’s taking ages. One thing that we have learned: Developing on mobile platforms is not a thing you can learn overnight...But don’t worry – we will get to the point where we can share with you the next big step of goalunited.

But when will that happen? It is not much longer: We will start a closed beta in November this year where we will give out access keys. This beta does not have all features included but will be a good starting point to test the rudimentary structure of the game. Everything you need to manage your club throughout a season will be up and running. In regular updates we will expand the beta with more features and improvements and go into Open Beta as soon as we have everything in place where even new players can get a handle on the game. (More information on that will be given when we are closer to that date). First thing is to establish the browser version of the game – the app will follow shortly after. We will keep you informed on a regular base. During this beta process gu 2015 will keep us and you busy of course.

To shorten the waiting we will release the fall-update of goalunited (2015) by the end of October 2014. This time this will be more than the usual yearly seasonal update, but the details are still a surprise... Hint: Think twice... or more ☺

We keep you posted!


Profil Screen with new logo

Stadium Complex Screen (in progress)

Transfer Market (in progress)

League Table

MyGames (in progress)