Friday, 6 December 2013

Final stage of screen design

Hello managers,

In spring we showed you the redesign of the screens. Since then, they evolved to the current and almost final stage. Some assets or icons are still placeholders, but the rest of the design remains like this.

Home Screen (Spring 2013) – First stage
Home Screen (Fall 2013) – Final stage

The main difference between the earlier design stage and the one today is the overall transformation towards a flatter user interface, with a lower level of detail and lighter colors.

Squad Screen (Spring 2013) – First stage
Squad Screen (Fall 2013) – Final stage

The whole design is more sportive and partly follows the trend of interface design standards of the current OS.

Line-Up Screen (Spring 2013) – First stage
Line-Up Screen (Fall 2013) – Final stage

The most recent screen set we worked on is the one for the stadium. It is somewhat special and has unique design elements, like the presentation of a building and its functionality.

The building menu (right side) opens when you click on a building on the playfield. When clicking on the category “BUILD”, the list (left side) with all levels for this explicit building appears.

Feel free to open the new screens on your tablet to preview the design and get a feeling for “goalunited next” as a mobile experience.